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Quick Start Guide TORO

Quick start guide

Integrate 101: Everything you need to know about our next-generation platform.

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Setup and Administration

A step-by-step guide to installing TORO Integrate on-premise, to cloud, or both!

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Tutorials and Case Studies

Event-Based Alerts Case Study

For this case study, we created a simple integration of an event based alerts and patient monitoring system using Flux and Gloop. It is highly important to continuously monitor the vital status of the patient. The vital status of the patient will be the event here, once the patient breached the threshold an alarm will start to sound to broadcast to the doctor or person in-charge to take immediate action. In that way every time the patient breached the threshold, doctor or person in-charge will know immediately.

Employee Recruitment and Onboarding

Employee Recruitment is described as the process of attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new employees. On the other hand, Employee Onboarding is described as the process through which the new employee acquires the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours needed in order to become established within the organization. In order to demonstrate the features of TORO Integrate and Coder Studio in the best possible way possible, the case study will cover the process from application to orientation. READ MORE

Legacy Flat File Processor

You may be using flat file as a data source to your system, for example orders that in a form of csv file. Wondering how to fetch new order in a form of csv file?. TORO Integrate offers out-of-the-box endpoints and lots of cool feature you can use. In these case study we'll be going to demonstrate on how you may implement the mentioned scenario. READ MORE

Order Management

An order management system is a single system that manages all the aspects of an omnichannel business. This means order processing, call center management, customer service, marketing and accounting processes, inventory and warehouse management are all in one system. Having a fully equipped order management system (OMS) can automates every steps possible and makes the business run smoothly and efficiently. READ MORE